Phoebe, The Baroness Von Peebleschnopps

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Three Months Later, Miss Phoebe is doing GREAT!!!!!

It's been an interesting three months. Miss Phoebe is better. We eventually re-started her on Trilostane after her Stim Test showed that her Cushing's Disease was coming back, but we went to a very low dose; 2 mg in the AM and 2 mg in the PM. That's been great for the past few weeks. We rechecked her last week and Dr. Mlekoday said that her Stim level was still a bit too high, so next week we're going to alter the meds again and bring her dose up a tad bit. But, no vomiting and she's been eating well, every day. About the eating; Phoebe has decided that, after 13 years with me and 6 with Michael, only Michael knows how to feed her properly. I now am banished from the kitchen at meal time. That's right... it's not enough that she won't let anyone other than Michael feed her anymore, but she will not even tolerate my presence when Michael is feeding her! I'm not gonna lie, it's a bit heart-breaking while, at the same time, so sweet how much she loves her Daddy-Michael. Three weeks ago, Phoebe turned 14 years old. The dog who wasn't supposed to live past 5 is 14. What I've learned about Cushing's Disease is that it's variable-- there are relatively better and relatively worse times, so cherish the times that are good and remind yourself when things are bad, that this won't last. And what I've learned from Phoebe (among the many things she's taught me) is that you never know how much time you have, so enjoy the NOW. That's why you haven't heard from us on this blog for the past 3 months... ...we've been busy, staying present, and enjoying the "now".

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