Phoebe, The Baroness Von Peebleschnopps

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ouch! It's my back!!!

Phoebe was really acting sickly last weekend... terrible panting, respirations up to 35-40 breaths/minute. Very scary stuff. We had no idea what was wrong. I called the emergency/on-call vet and she talked me through it and explained that this was panting and NOT respiratiory failure. She had us come in the next morning and we did. She said that Phoebe was probably just rough-housing too much with a young puppy and hurt her back. She gave her Metacam (an NSAID) and within 24 hours the panting was gone and Phoebe was back to 100% normal.

Big scare.

They did blood work which was Normal. In this video, you can hear the vet's voice mail to us about Phoebe's blood work. I spoke with Dr. Mlekoday the next day and she confirmed that this was probably a lab glitch (because the sample was more than slightly hemolyzed). Still, to be 100% sure, we're repeating blood work in 2 weeks.

Medical Update

It's been nearly 2 1/2 years since Phoebe was diagnosed and started treatment for her Cushing's Disease. Though there have been necessary dose adjustments with the Trilostane that she's been taking, he numbers have never been better.

We've been spending most of our time and focus, over the past year, on Phoebe's older brother, Chandler. Chandler was diagnosed this past March with Malignant Melanoma. In no time, it spread throughout his body. Despite our aggressive and best medical efforts, Chandler passes away from his fight with cancer last month on June 11, 2009.

We did a blog for Chandler: We did this for us, for our friends (to have a place to check during the day for updates, without having to come to us to repeat the same info over, and over, and over...) but moreover, we did it so that someday, some other doggie-Mommy or Daddy will be searching for info and will see what we did/didn't do with Chandler. Hopefully, it will give them a sense of comfort, guidance and a sense of not being so alone in this scary process.

Given the lack of information about Canine Cushing's Disease (which is not repetative) I decided to rededicate myself to this blog after over 2 years since starting it. Hopefully, I can add more information to the wealth of reliable info on the web and help someone else.