Phoebe, The Baroness Von Peebleschnopps

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mid-day Update

Phoebe seems to be stable, according to Dr. M.

She had some breakfast, but needed help eating. She's still super wobbly, but she's not panting anymore and she' not trying to stand up. Her labs were 100% normal. So was her X-ray.

It's too soon to tell but, for now, Dr. M is leaning towards believing that this is Idiopathic Vestibular Disease, and NOT a brain tumor or a stroke. This is the best news we could have hoped for!

Phoebe is being monitored constantly and they're checking for signs of deterioration because, usually with a tumor or a cerebrovascular incident (like a stroke) we see pretty rapid changes in the vitals and lab values. So far, none of that is present.

They're going to monitor her for the next few hours and, as of now, the plan is for us to take her home and confine her to a small space where she can be contained and safe from hurting herself. It's going to take some serious nursing to get her back on her feet, walking and such, but Dr. M thinks that a few days at home should be enough.

If we notice that she's not improving or if we feel that she's getting worse, then we'll bring her back into the city to see a Neurologist who can do an MRI.

But for now, this is the best news we could have ever hoped for.

Thank you ALL for your messages, texts, emails, comments on Facebook-- knowing that we have such a great support network rooting for us and for Phoebe makes all of the difference.

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